Greening up my life

I truly love the loyal little helpers in my stomach, the good guys and beneficial bacteria , the gut flora creating my valuable immunesystem. Tonight I listened to the sunshines from the west coast of Sweden – Mia and Lina, founders of the blog and authors of Food Pharmacy.

It´s about time I give the ”good guys” the attention and appreciation they deserve. Reward them for their hard work showing them we´re in the same team. Feed them what they like (veggies, fibers…) to help them win the fights and dominate the ”bad guys”.

By this time we know that the bad guys party on low-nutritional and bloodsugar pumping food like sugar, pasta, rice and wheat. And the bad guys contribute to the acceleration of chronicle inflammation, leaky gut, diabetes etc in the westen world today. Like all other aspects of a happy every day life – lets do more of what makes us and other happy people happier, and less of what feeds the evil forces.

Back home I had to make the most of my inspiration and learnings and digged deep in the fridge to make a green smoothie. Did you know by the way that the peel and core of the apple are extremely nutritous and full of fibers – just throw it into the blender. And lime, ginger and avocado that makes every green shake tasty (got to try!)

Other great ideas is to make Luke Skywalker musli and hide the veggies well in the dinner to avoid the lively discussions with the kids. Check out The commandments of the gut flora and the rest of the site (in Swedish though but the cookbook is translated into 12 languages).

Thank you Mia and Lina for inspiring me to do more good for my good guys. And thank you for spreading the word of the microbial word we´re a part of!

avocado, lime, cabbage, apple