How do the mists really work?

Our mists are not just another perfumed spray. They are microbiology.

Smell is about winning the microbiological war in your clothing and shoes.The mists’ direct-acting effect comes from a protein that breaks down odor molecules. It happens as soon as you spray the product, which means you can usually use the garment or shoes directly after treating them.

The time-release effect comes from the microorganism Bacillus Subtilis. This bacterium is one of the most common soil bacteria around. It exists everywhere, all around us all the time and it’s amazing at breaking down organic material without releasing smelly odors.

Bad smells from organic material (such as sweat) are broken down by micro-organisms. It goes pretty slowly and releases odorous substances (such as esters and hydrogen sulphide). Pure Effect’s mists contain gram-positive microorganisms that have the ability to break down organic material without releasing these smelly odors. Simple, right?

Then, as the icing on the cake, we’ve added a pleasant perfume to our mists, which means that both you and everyone around you can focus on conversations and think about other things than smells. And less washing up – more loving life basically 🙂

How to use

Spray directly on the surface you want to treat, let it work and dry. Repeat as needed. Pre-treat shoes and other textiles preferably when they are new for best results. And don’t forget to pack with your mists when you’re going on your next trip.

Worth trying, and hopefully you will love them as much as we do.
xxx Linda