7 Travelling Must-Haves

Beach travel essentials

I admire minimalist travellers.
Always have. At the airport check-in counter I sometimes wonder when the rest of the party will come and join us. Loads of “necessary” stuff. When I took a quick look in my five year old´s packing I found four quite big stones. His travel essentials obviously differs from mine 🙂

One day I will manage a whole week in the sun with only a carry-on bag. But until then we pack everything we need for best comfort, and happy kids. These are my own seven travel essentials that I always bring to keep myself happy.

Warm regards from Anna-Maria Island, Florida

1. Universal Adapter Plug
We can fly to the moon but obviously can’t seem to agree on standardized electrical outlets. Until we do, I keep my adapter close.

2. Travel-size toothpaste
The tiny little soap-bars I can live without, but not some dental floss, and a small tube of toothpaste. For some reason it´s seems to be the single most forgotten thing to pack.

3. Merino
Join the Merino Club! Perfect for long flights. Wool might sound crazy for warmer temperatures but the natural fiber is truly the best way to maximize comfort, minimize odors and weight. With more wears you can afford to pack less. It regulates temperature, impossible to make it smell and the design revolution Merino 2.0 even looks good.

4. Denim
Another favourite – wear it at any occasion and any temperature. Shorts, skirts, shirts or jeans, with sneakers or high-heels.

5. Clothing & Shoe mist
These travel-sized sweeties guarantees you can afford to pack less. Spray your clothes when you take them off, use a hanger to keep the shape, and your favourites will feel fresh and ready to rumble the next day. Also goes for your textile shoes. The biotech formula, slightly perfumed active bacterial culture, removes bad odor without washing and saves you loads of time and space in your suitcase.

6. A book
Vacay-time is reading-time. The only time of year when I don´t fall a sleep when I read. (This trip: “Scar Tissue”, by Red Hot Chilli Peppers Anthony Kiedis).

7. Ear buds (and maybe extras)
Travelling without music is like flying without wings, right? (Now on repeat: “Boxes” with Go Go Dolls). For some reason, earbuds tend to disappear like a bird in the sky or just break. Great to have an extra set ready to go.


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