Make bacteria care for your fashion


Sweet summer days – tropical this year in Sweden – means more time than ever to reflect on our everyday life.

Have you ever thought about why we wash our garments? Is it because of dirt and stains, wrinkles or odor? Maybe it´s because of all three of them or none of them, it might just be a feeling or an unreflected habit.

The 7% study
A Swedish study (Sveriges Konsumenter) shows that only 7% of an average laundry bag really needs washing. Why wash, dry and fold it all again if not needed? A stain needs a stain remover (or a wash), a wrinkle needs a steamer or an iron, and a pair of jeans that has been worn for a couple of days needs a mist that gives that laundered feeling. With Pure Effect we have an idea of ´conscious washing´ that helps you to answer the questions above and prioritize your washing habit based on the need of the garment. Because what is the point of wasting water, energy and precious time by washing your garments if the only concern is bad odor?

We live in a world where resources are limited, and our small everyday habits and routines can impact the world. By applying Pure Effect products, you will not only save water, energy and time, but also extend the life of your garments.

How it works?
Pure Effect´s mists easily freshen up clothes, shoes and other textiles that are tricky to wash. They extend the time between washing, freshen up clothing while traveling and give difficult-to-wash fabrics a longer life. The unique thing about biotechnology is that active bacterial culture is superior at removing the source of unwanted odor and keeps odor-producing bacteria away from the textiles. And that is without the mechanic from a washing machine.

Hang and mist´em
By hanging and misting more of our clothes we have reduced the washing in our household from five to four machines per week. That 20% washing reduction means 20% less carbon footprint and less wear and tear, which sure extends the life of our clothes. And barefoot summer living demands misting the shoes every week. Vacation in a boat or cabin r e a l l y demands shoe mist – it´s key to keep everyone on-board, trust me.

Our story
We launched Pure Effect in 2015 – the first in the Nordic market to offer biotechnological cleaning products for the home. The technology excels in gentle but efficient cleaning, caring for both people, the planet and the materials in our homes.

After the launch of a home cleaning concept, we popped the idea to develop a range of garment care products – since the active bacterial culture is so good at removing odor, even on textiles. Our main philosophy is to bring efficient and kind products to conscious people, to innovate a product range that uses state of the art technology to simplify everyday life. We are amazed by the power of bacteria and the microbiological world we live in – which also helps us redefine our washing habits and the way we care for our materials.

So, the bottom-line is that we challenge you, all travel-loving, ever-curious, reflecting people to break your habits – to refresh your garments by misting instead of routine wash. Invite the good guys, the beneficial bacteria to your life and make bacteria care for your fashion. While you are taking a slow summer walk in the forest or relaxing on the beach, reflect on how this new habit can brighten up your days, save you some time and let microorganisms bring a positive impact on your environment.

All the best,