All Clean nominated to Swedish Design Awards 2018

Pure Effect’s cleaning product All Clean was nominated for the Swedish Design Award’s Identity – Product Design category. Little All Clean provides 6-months of all purpose cleaning for the entire home and blends easily with tap water. The formula is based on active bacterial cultures. The awards ceremony will take place on 25 October at Berns in Stockholm.

”All Clean shows that it’s possible to make cleaning both smarter and more attractive. The concentrated solution in a small pipette bottle reduces unnecessary water transport, and can easily be delivered directly to your mailbox. The aim of the simple design is that the bottle should always be visible and handy in the kitchen, not take up space or be hidden away in a cupboard,” says Lina Segerdahl, co-founder of Pure Effect.

What’s unique with All Clean is also that it is based on active bacterial cultures. A few drops mixed in a spray bottle with water and it’s ready to be used on most things in your everyday life – windows, mirrors, the kitchen, toilet and even clothing stains. Cleaning in the future will be all about adding good bacteria, not killing it as we traditionally been taught to do.

Common for all Pure Effect products is, apart from bacteria, the idea of taking care of the materials in our homes and wardrobe. We are driven by the simplicity, quality and the idea that the materials we choose should last for a long time. ”Less washing – less cleaning”.

”To be nominated for the Swedish Design Award is a huge recognition for us. We have put so much of ourselves in the Pure Effect, and create something that we ourselves are attracted to. A screwy, sustainable solution to a mundane, everyday product as a cleaning agent. We are a challenger, like David versus Goliath, and the nomination brings with it a lot of new energy and vibrancy,” says Linda Rosendahl Nordin, co-founder of Pure Effect.

Pure Effect All Clean is sold in Sweden through select retailers such as Designtorget, Iris Hantverk and via their own online shop,


Svenska Designpriset 2018

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