5 tips to make your traveling easy

Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, one of the things that can be a hassle is packing. This blog will give you 5 tips that will make your packing minimal and easy.


Tip 1: Make a packing list

Lists are always useful since we tend to forget things if we don’t write it down. While doing the list we should take consideration of the occasion of the travel, weather and travel length. If you need to frequently travel for work, then this list will save you a lot of time and energy.

Tip 2: Pick best travel fabrics

Unfortunately, all fabrics are not created equal, some fabrics require low maintenance and some need more. While traveling selecting fabrics that require no special care will give you the chance to reuse them and save space in the suitcase. You can choose fabrics like wool, polypropylene, and jeans which require minimum maintenance.


Tip 3: Bring your garment care

Garment care items like Pure Effect Clothing Mist can help you to wear your favorite shirt or skirt more than once without washing them. Clothing mists refresh your garments without going through the hassle of washing them or paying extra for hotel laundry. Used clothes are dead weight in a luggage but you can change this perception by refreshing your clothes and reuse them.

Tip 4: Roll clothes when packing

When we are travelling for a long period of time, usually it becomes a hassle to take all our essential items within the limited luggage space. To make more space for other items we can roll them instead of folding them. The rolling will not have a negative impact on the clothing material if we pick the best travel fabrics mentioned before.




Tip 5: Hang your clothes

For business travelers’ wrinkle on the garments can be an issue, to avoid that you should always hang your clothes and mists them with clothing care items. This will make your used clothes refreshed and you need to worry about creasing.

Traveling is one of the best ways to get to know about amazing people and places. Try to apply this few simple tips on your next journey and have a safe travel this holiday.
/Raeed Abedin, Pure Effect