Filippa K and Pure Effect in collaboration - launching a new Clothing Mist

PRESS RELEASE 2019-02-19

The Swedish fashion brand Filippa K launches a Clothing Mist together with Swedish Pure Effect, as a part of the new Filippa K Care collection. The aim is to treat our garments well, mist them to reduce unnecessary washing and in the end keep each garment, uniquely designed to keep timeless style, in its pristine condition. This aligns with a more environmentally conscious way of thinking and caring for fashion.


The future of fashion calls for new thinking and new behavior.
Clothing Mist is an innovation that allows you to wash clothing less frequently with a goal of caring for your fashion. We live in a world where resources are limited, and our everyday habits and routines all impact the world. By applying Clothing Mist by Filippa K x Pure Effect, you will not only extend the life of your garments, but also save water, energy and precious time.


“Our clothes are designed with timeless style and quality to give them a long life-time. In line with this, we want to inspire our customers to care for their garments in the best possible way – through advice and inspiration, but also by offering state of the art garment care products in the Filippa K Care range. The Clothing Mist from Pure Effect is an innovative example of this, introducing customers to minimizing routine washing which saves both the environment and the wear-and-tear of the garments,” says Elin Larsson, Sustainability Manager, Filippa K.


The Clothing Mist formula is based on biotechnology, using a unique active bacterial culture that breaks down odor molecules and organic material in your clothes without the mechanics of a washing machine. Just hang your garment, spray it, and let it dry. This extends the time between washing, freshens up clothing while traveling and gives difficult-to-wash fabrics like cashmere, wool, etc. a longer life.


“We strongly believe in bringing beneficial bacteria into our everyday lives.Twenty years ago people found bacteria dangerous. Today we acknowledge the microbiological world we live in, with more probiotic lifestyles and a growing interest in gut-bacteria, for instance. Biotechnology is superior at removing odors, and more efficient than dry cleaning. By hanging and misting more of our clothes we have reduced the washing in our household from five to four times per week. That 20% washing reduction means 20% less carbon footprint and less wear and tear, which definitely contributes to a more sustainable wardrobe,” says Linda Rosendahl Nordin, Pure Effect.

  • Biotechnology is based on renewable resources – a technology that contributes to building a sustainable society.
  • Sustainability is basically about how we use the Earth’s resources. Biotechnology as a sustainable raw material (i.e. using microorganisms for our benefit), instead of fossil substances, leads to a more sensible use of land and resources.
  • A variety of bacteria is important for us to stay healthy. Humans consist of about 1.5 kg of bacteria which, among other things, constitute our vital immune system.
  • We live in a microbiological world. Bacteria are everywhere and on all surfaces around you. With biotech cleaning and garment care, you establish a bacterial culture at home that helps to keep away unwanted bacteria.
  • Less washing extends the life of the garment and produces fewer unnecessary CO2 emissions.


 Clothing Mist Filippa K x PureEffect1
Clothing Mist by Filippa K x Pure Effect


Pure Effect is a Swedish startup, launched in 2015 by entrepreneurs Lina Segerdahl and Linda Rosendahl Nordin – first in the world to offer a Clothing Mist based on biotechnology. Today Pure Effect offer a range of garment care and cleaning products for a simple and sustainable lifestyle. The main philosophy behind the company is to use bacteria to care for our materials, biotechnology as a state of the art technology to simplify peoples´ sustainable everyday life.

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