A December at ease

Today on my way home it struck me – two weeks to Christmas and no stress. Isn´t this the time of year when we normally rush from glögg partys to shopping, from project deadlines to dealing with what to bring to the Christmas dinner.

Is it the Christmas potluck concept that eases the stress? That friends and family bring some dishes each to the Christmas dinner and every one knows what to bring. But that’s how we have done things for as long as I can remember. Or is it thanks to the lack of  Christmas partys at work. That normally occupies some evenings in December, but food and party can’t be the explanation.

Or is it the black shirts I bought? I met Maja from Steam Hotel, what a lovely person by the way, and she told me she made a decision a couple of years ago to only wear black. Boring? So nice and good looking anyway. And easy. I didn´t reflect more on that at the time, but later I bought two black shirts (or what do you call it when you don’t feel like a blousy kind of person…). Anyway, they became my favorite go to-solution together with a pair of black trousers or jeans. You know the mornings when you don’t have the time or inspiration to figure out what to wear. Every morning in my case, sort of. Less is more. Is it the black that made my December easy?

Or the yoga? To me working out has always been about pain and a lot of sweat (that might be the reason to low frequency at the gym…). Yoga, to me, felt like a waste of time actually. But gosh – I couldn’t have been more wrong. Today yoga is the backbone of my week. It might be a trend, but it feels like its in my life to stay. It kind of gives me some extra lives every day, and makes me softer and more kind. Even in December.

A goal for this autumn was to join a yoga retreat. But November was fully-booked and December had an opening. Seriously, I have thought of this retreat a hundred times since I made the reservation – with a promise to be on track with all Christmas planning and the presents until then. An less presents even makes it more important to find the right ones…) One day with myself in the predicted December kaos.

And at work then? Christmas is not the peak for cleaning products, thats for sure, and that makes this time of year a lot calmer. When I was a kid, I remember my mum polishing all copper ware, and dusting all the shelves that no one can see or reach. Thank God times are changing. There is so much fun in December and isn’t it nicer to do some cleaning on the go and then spend the time with your loved ones. But in January we see the light and sunshine again with new energy, longing for it so much!

black blouse

Clothing Mist and Shoe Mist though, might be the perfect gift for the Christmas games. You know everyone’s challenge to bring one gift good for everyone, and then you let the dice tells who gets it. Less washing and caring for your garments is for everyone, right? This year we ship quite a few, which of course is a good reason to feel happy.

No, seriously, what is the key to a nice and calm December? It’s not because of the dogs we got that needs a daily shower in this messy December weather. And climate changes, Trump and Brexit sure don’t help one to feel calm. Is it because I eat eggs or listen to Miss Li? Actually things seem to slow dow year by year, and perhaps its not until now we get the twig how to handle it. I didn’t get much further in my thinking, but it really doesn’t matter. I guess there is no perfect solution to a slow and easy December. It´s here and I do my best to enjoy every day of it.

Take care,