Window Cleaning with All Clean on a sunny day

Here comes the sun. Oh, we’ve been missing you!

This also means beams of light on every spot and dusty window in your home, right? Time for a window cleaning, but relax – you will have the job done in no time.

Use All Clean, probably ready at hand in your kitchen. Just spray the window and use a dry cloth of microfiber when you wipe it off, just to avoid strikes of water.
Happy Window Cleaning!

I’ve polished windows Pure Effect All Clean and I must say I’m impressed with the results. It provides absolutely the same results as the cleansers I use in my daily job as a window cleaner.

Pelle – Näsby Park Window Cleaning


All Clean – also super for
 window cleaning



Fill with tap water, and add two pipettes of All Clean 



Ready to rumble!

(picture cred. @moeofsweden)