Best Moments in Life Don´t Come With a Laundry Machine

Best moments in life don’t come with a laundry machine. Let´s disconnect to connect. Unplug to enjoy life. Less washing means more exploring and spending time doing what you really love, with less planet footprint.


Treat your pieces with the love they deserve, and skip traditional washing. Enjoy life and live it fully. We introduce odor removing mists for your clothes and difficult-to-wash items, to refresh all kinds of fabrics and extend time between laundry. Lightly perfumed, but the real power comes from biotechnology – active bacterial culture – that refreshes and removes the source of unwanted odors. Without traditional washing, using natures´own cleaners, microbes instead.


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Less washing, longer lasting. Traditional washing is based on tough mechanical treatment, tumbling around in the machine, to make sure to remove stains. But did you know that only 7% of the stuff we throw in the laundry bag needs washing. Why routine wash, when you can just spray, let dry and repeat.

Life “on the go”

This is close, close enough to make you wonder if you smell okay after a day out. Checking the armpit – okay. The unwritten laws about ”my space” and ”your space” make us comfortable. And discomfortable. But life “on the go” can be challenging and still awesome and fresh. A day hiking in the mountains and you end up by the fire. Vacation in the archipelago with tough sailing. The weekend in the cabin with no running water. Backpacking a continent or on a business trip with hand luggage only. Head out and bring a mist – powered by biotechnology. Probably your best travel companion ever.

How it works – cleaning with bacteria

Basically, it’s pure logic. We live in a microbial world, and microbes take care of the biological degradation in nature – by producing enzymes and other substances that break down organic matter. They are also a vital part of human health and our ecosystem. Our carefully selected perfumes give that first instant reward. A protein puts a lid over the odor; the direct-effect. Then the active bacterial culture provide the time-release effect, by degrading the source of the odor. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Wash like an astronaut – without water
Imagine travelling in space, with a minimum of lugage and no water access. How would you do your laundry and stay fresh? In fact the professionals in space choose fabrics of best quality and that prevents bad odors and stains. NASA reached out to us a couple of years ago, to know more about our less washing technology and asked for evidence of how we refresh textiles and remove odor with biotechnology. Today we know they use bacteria as one of many ways to stay fresh in space, with limited water access.

We exist because microbes allow us to

Microbes were the first life on Earth, when it formed 4-5 billion years ago. And they are everywhere – on every surface around us, on our skin and in our bodies. We depend on microorgansims to exist, and they will be here when we die. They are tiny and many, a milliliter of fresh water contains more than a million of them, and a gram of soil can contain over 40 billion microorganisms. This planet belong to microorganisms and we are here because they let us.

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Join us on our journey bringing more beneficial bacteria to your everyday lives. //Team Pure Effect