A Game Changer in Modern Cleaning – by TypeO

We’re immensely happy to share this feature in TypeO Journal in their series Meet The Maker. Enjoy the full article here.


“Probiotic cleaning, using bacteria to clean, has been a proven method used by the professional cleaning industry for decades. The turn has now finally come to the consumer market where a Swedish entrepreneur and environmentalist, Linda Rosendahl Nordin, has introduced biotech-based cleaning brand Pure Effect.

Pure Effect is the result of her own realization that cleaning products as we know them consist of nothing but water and several harmful chemicals. In effect, they often do nothing more than covering up dirt, germs and filth with intrusive scents. Probiotic cleaning products use nature’s own and essential bacteria to break down dirt, grime, grease and eliminate foul smells in the process. And as probiotics are live matter, they keep at it long after you finish cleaning.”

Photography portraits: Mikael Lundblad

Clean Bath Pure Effect