The Guide to Cleaning With Probiotics – by TypeO

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Did You Know That Clean Isn’t Exactly Clean?

Regular cleaning products, even those who claim to kill 99.99% of all germs, fail to keep your house clean. Why? The tiny remainder of germs left by that environmentally hazardous agent that you just sprayed, will multiply exponentially in minutes.

This is where biotechnology and probiotic cleaning come into play. Apart from being environmentally friendly, they replace all 25 colourful bottles of different synthetic cleaning products that take up valuable storage space.

Probiotic cleaning products contain live bacteria that feed on organic matter. Spray probiotic cleaning products onto a surface and billions of beneficial bacteria are released onto the surfaces for a deep and lasting cleaning effect. The good bacteria quickly get busy consuming every microscopic item that gets in their way. They find their way deep into cracks and crevices and keep going for several days, eating bad germs, killing bad odours and removing residue. (…)”

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Guide to Clean With Probiotics