Podcast episode 2: Your Own Microbiological Fingerprint

Wall lamp from side

Welcome to this second podcast episode on the subject Your Own Microbiological Fingerprint.

In our next conversation we meet Jan Klingler, a German industrial designer awarded for his groundbreaking work with his bacterial lamp. The project is inspired by microbiology and he’s committed to make objects that tell a story to create a strong bond with the user.

‘There are less than 100 spices of bacteria that can cause infections in humans, but it’s association with disease persists. We are masters at consciously avoiding and killing bacteria, while unconsciously needing them. I want to transform our perception of bacteria as a carrier of disease to a carrier of meaning, by picking up on these strong emotional triggers and refocusing them onto something positive. Every place and every person has its own microbiological fingerprint.’

Join us in this conversation about how bacteria became art, our human bonds and fingerprints, and what it’s like to be a pathfinder.

Enjoy it where you find podcasts, or listen here >


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