Pure Passion with Lina Skandevall

Lina Skandevall


In our new series Pure Passion we meet enthusiasts living their dream, with a sport, interest or a hobby that has become a lifestyle. A pure passion to explore, dare, master, thrive with and to live life fully. Feel the calm, feel the pulse and feel the passion, meet Lina Skandevall – foodie and travel enthusiast.


Name: Lina Skandevall
Location: Stockholm / Norrköping, Sweden
Passion: Travel – with nature and food in focus.
Work: Runs the communications agency Skandevall Media AB
Current: constant inspiration for outdoor living on instagram @skandevall


What’s a typical good working week for you?
I have consciously created a life that means that I can usually work on remote. Even if I have a regular work week, two to three days can be spent in my camper van. Or, when the day is over I take the camper van to sleep by a lake to get a much-needed dose of fresh air and nature. Ultimately I´m leaving for Skåne or Gotland during the low season and work from there for a week! But regardless, I always make sure to spend lots of time in nature and enjoy the changing seasons. It brings me peace of mind.

How did you get the idea of a camper van?
I’ve been dreaming about it for a long time. Not least the opportunity to use it as an adventure car and pack it full of bikes, SUP-boards and outdoor clothes for lots of activities and more spontaneity. This spring we found the one we dreamed of, and in less than a week we hit it off. The best decision in a long time!

What characterizes good camper clothes and packing?
Soft clothes! It often means spending many hours in the car. I love merino wool as a material, both to sleep in if it’s a little cooler when it comes to the roof, and t-shirts as both travel wear and outdoor clothing. The disadvantage of merino is that they break easily when washed and are quite pricey. Plus, a week in a camper van really provides limited laundry options.

Nature and travel mean a lot to you, how?
I grew up close to nature in Småland and all my upbringing I have camped, hiked, paddled a canoe and learned to survive in the forest.

Next trip you dream of?
To take our camper van to Lofoten, Norway and drive along the coast, hike and kayak in the fjords.