Easy to clean

Easy to clean

A bottle for all surfaces

All Clean is the heart of our cleaning concept. This unique formula is based on an active bacterial culture that effectively breaks down grease, dirt and odour deep down to the materials’ pores.

A small bottle of All Clean replaces toilet cleaner, window cleaner and traditional multipurpose products. It is used for all surfaces that can withstand water – toilets, windows, mirrors, stainless steel, ceramics, kitchen units, stain removal on textiles and more. Super effective on sanitary surfaces, since it prevents urine odour. Mix in a bottle and keep it close at hand on your countertop. A cleaning product for the entire home that simplifies both everyday life and and housecleaning.

For extra tough challenges, such as lime, which require an acidic pH, All Clean can be complemented with specialty products from Pure Effect such as Clean Bath – premixed for immediate use. And with our Swan labeled cleaning cloths cleaning is even easier. Microfibre is hygienic and efficient in itself, which means you use even less detergent. Remember to wash them at low temperatures – all to save on energy and the environment, of course.

Clean up as usual

Spray All Clean and wipe off the surface. For tougher stains, let the formula work for a few minutes. Wipe glass and mirrors with a dry cleaning cloth to avoid streaking. Find more cleaning tips here

Subscribe to Pure Effect

Soon you‘ll be able to sign up for a subscription service to our products so you won’t need to think about whether you have the cleaning products you need at home. All Clean Refill is so small that it can be sent directly to your mailbox. The other products can be easily delivered to and picked up from your nearest postal service point as you do with other items you’ve purchased online. Of course we don’t have any complicated notice or commitment periods. That way, you always have cleaning products at home for a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle. It can’t get any smarter than this. Our subscription services launches spring 2017.

Happy Cleaning!