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  • A bottle Pure Effect Shoe Mist 150 ml
    A bottle Pure Effect Shoe Mist 150 ml
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  • En flaska Pure Effect Clothing Mist 150 ml
    En flaska Pure Effect Clothing Mist 150 ml
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    All & Floor Start Kit
    All & Floor Start Kit
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Why probiotic cleaning?

Today “clean” means more than just removing dirt. More people are choosing environmentally friendly cleaning products with fewer harmful chemicals. Many also see the benefit of bringing good bacteria in their lives — for the stomach and the home — for a more probiotic lifestyle.

We want to do what we love, live long, and stay healthy. That’s why we do everything we can to develop sustainable and effective products that you’ll love to use. Pure Effect is a new generation of probiotic cleaning and garment care, based on active bacterial culture that cleans deep into material’s smallest pores with good microorganisms. Grease and dirt are broken down and odor-producing bacteria are kept away with the help of good microorganisms. Highly concentrated formulas for fewer unnecessary water transports, readily biodegradable and based on a renewable resource. It’s something we are sincerely proud of. Happy Cleaning!

Lina Segerdahl &
Linda Rosendahl Nordin

  • Oh how great these products are... Eco-friendly, long lasting and easily biodegradable. A great cleanser in attractive packaging and good for the environment.

    Kristin Lagerqvist, elledecoration.se
  • ”When you bring your cleaning kit on a vacation, you either realize you are insane, or that you really love your cleaning kit!"
    Anna Rexlinger, Stockholm
  • With three children in the family, there are always fingerprints and stains everywhere. I like to keep things nice and tidy, but I've been thinking about how healthy all the products really are for children. With Pure Effect, I can clean with a good conscience. I'm especially impressed by how spotlessly clean the stainless steel surfaces in the kitchen become.

    Adrienne Korsner, Stockholm
  • I gave it to my mum and she has loved it so much that she's asked me to buy some more to give to friends. Apparently there is no better window cleaner! 
    Laura, Bristol
  • I've polished windows Pure Effect All Clean and I must say I'm impressed with the results. It provides absolutely the same results as the cleansers I use in my daily job as a window cleaner.

    Pelle - Näsby Park Window Cleaning