Gentle on skin

Gentle on skin and allergies

We are proud that Pure Effect’s products are so gentle and user-friendly, with great respect for people and the environment. With biotechnology, no extreme pH values are required to get things really clean, which means that the products are gentle to your skin and the materials they’re used on.

The products are highly appreciated by people who are extremely sensitive to chemicals, they are a mild alternative for people with allergies. Pure Effect’s products contain no known allergens and we always use hypoallergenic ingredients in the development of new products. However, there is no guarantee that the products (as well as other products with perfume and/or surfactants) will not elicit irritation or allergic reactions in hypersensitive people .

Cleaning with biotechnology has been used for over 20 years in the professional cleaning branch and is a popular choice for both fragrance and chemical-sensitive people. The faint perfumes in All Clean ensure that it does not smell perfumed when you have cleaned — it just smells clean and fresh.