How it works

How it works

Biotech cleaning, or probiotic cleanings we sometimes call it, means adding beneficial bacteria to your life in terms of cleaning. We use the power of nature’s own cleaners, microorganisms (or microbes) – a technology called biotechnology. The microbes take care of the biological degradation in nature by producing enzymes and other substances that break down organic matter. Thats the core to remove grease, dirt and odor. And that’s why we’ve chosen to develop cleaning products based on our understanding of microorganisms’ own degradation processes.

Removes odors

Odor is basically about two things – dirt and germs. Pure Effect helps you get rid of both dirt and the odor-producing bacteria. Many odor removers on the market simply mask bad smells with perfume. But when you clean with biotechnology, you instead eliminate the root of the problem.

Cleaner longer

Pure Effect leaves behind an active bacterial culture (bio film) that continues to clean even after you stop cleaning. The microorganisms continue to break down dirt and compete odor-producing bacteria. How long it works depends on the surface – the more porous and the dirty the surface, the longer bioactivity. The dirtier and harder the surface is to clean, the longer residual activity. In other words, your home will be cleaner longer and it will be easier to clean the next time around. Less cleaning, basically.



Gentle on skin and materials

Pure Effect products are gentle and user-friendly with all possible consideration to people and the environment. All Clean and Clean Floor are pH neutral even as concentrates, and are particularly gentle for both the materials in your home and for you. Perfect for marble and other natural stone. However, our special product Clean Bathroom is more acidic (pH 3.5 – like a tomato) to effectively remove and prevent lime and other deposits. A favorite for tiles, clinker and shiny stainless steel surfaces. Biotechnology is also gentle enough for people with allergies. Please read more here, “Gentle on skin and allergies”.

Easy to do biotech cleaning

With Pure Effect All Clean you can use the same product in every area of your home – kitchen, bathroom, tables, windows, mirrors, glass, stainless steel and so on.  We especially recommend it for cleaning sanitary surfaces, since the active bacterial culture is uniquely effective at removing and preventing urine odor.



Marmorskiva och Pure Effects produkter


For special needs and heavily soiled surfaces, there’s Pure Effect’s specialty products Clean Bath for lime removal and brilliant lustre, and Clean Floor for mixing in a bucket and deep cleaning heavily soiled surfaces such as floors.