Our story

Our Story

Why is it so difficult to find ethically produced products, and what builds a sustainable society where we can live well on shared resources? The idea of Pure Effect was born from a growing concern for  the state of the world. Injustice, ill health and exploitation. Unsustainable. It really should´t be so difficult to get a sustainable lifestyle. We simply want to do more of what we love, live long, and stay healthy.

We believe in sustainable innovations, not going back to the horse and carriage, in order to live in better balance with the ecosystem and each other. And we believe in the importance of good bacteria in our lives to help us feel good. There are technologies today that are based on nature’s own solutions, such as biotechnology, for example. If we care enough to make wiser choices, we can create the future we want. And we believe in aesthetics and emotions, to have things around us that mean something to us.

That’s how Pure Effect was born. Today it is a series of biotech garment care and  cleaning products for the home that we hope you’ll love using. Based on an active bacterial culture that cleans deep into materials’ smallest pores. For a simple and sustainable lifestyle. And we are truly proud of it.