Clean Bath 500 ml

Clean Bath 500 ml
  • Clean Bath 500ml


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Tougher stains require special treatment. CLEAN BATH effectively removes deposits caused by, for example, lime, soap and shampoo. Super clean seams and extra shiny tiles, porcelain, glass and stainless steel. Based on active fermentation extracts from yoghurt bacteria (pH 3.5). Contains 500 ml of ready-to-use cream for lime removal and tougher stains.

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Pure Effect CLEAN BATH is a biotechnology cleanser that effectively removes and prevents deposits from, for example, soap, shampoo and lime. Removing lime deposits requires an acidic pH, and CLEAN BATH is an efficient and user-friendly replacement for strong acids.

CLEAN BATH is ready-blended for immediate use on stainless steel, chrome, ceramics, joints, in the toilet, sink, tub, on taps, shower doors and basins. Pour CLEAN BATH on a sponge/cleaning cloth and distribute evenly over the surface. Rinse off with water or with a damp cloth. Wipe with a dry cloth to avoid streaking on, for example, glass shower doors.

– CLEAN BATH is an acidic product (pH 3.5) and could bleach surfaces if left on too long before wiping. Limit use on sensitive surfaces such as marble and other porous stones that can be marred easily. On these surfaces, we recommend Pure Effect ALL CLEAN.


Contents: <2% amphoteric surfactant, <2% non-ionic surfactant, methylisothiazolinone, benzisothiazolinone, n-octylisothiazolinone, perfumes. Also contains active fermentation extract from Lactobacillus and water.
Shelf life: An opened bottle is stable for 2 years. Store as with other cleaning products. Normal room temperature, not in direct sunlight.
Environmental information: This product is easily biodegradable. The packaging made of recyclable plastic and sorted as hard plastic packaging.

Pure Effect is a new generation of probiotic cleaning based on active bacterial culture. Always sustainable and efficient products that pay consideration to you, your loved ones and our shared environment.


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  1. Mathilde

    I use this every week. It is great for removing lime. I was a little disappointed at first because it is the first time I have lived in a city where lime is problem and I think I imagined a magic portion that could remove everything in 2 seconds (naive I know). As long as I use it regularly I don’t have a problem at all. But it was harder to remove some of the old lime that the previous tenant hadn’t bothered to remove. But after some tries I learned that if I just apply enough and let it sit for 10 minutes it really can remove almost anything. A bottle also seems to be very long lasting. I am so happy with this product and with the other products from Pure Effect I don’t need any other cleaning products in my home.

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