Removes bad odors

Removes bad odours

Get rid of the source of the problem

Odour is basically about two things – dirt and germs. With Pure Effect you tackle both the dirt and the odour-producing bacteria. Many odour removers on the market simply mask the bad smell with perfume. With biotechnology, you get rid of the source of the problem instead.

Pure Effect All Clean is particularly effective against sanitary smell, for example the toilet. This quality comes in handy both for everyday cleaning and odour problems such as children’s and pets’ “accidents”. Using Pure Effect establishes a good flora of bacteria that breaks down urine and faeces, while at the same time preventing other odour-producing bacteria.

Pure Effect All Clean can be used on all of your bathroom surfaces —  countertops, floors, toilets , mirrors— it replaces your previous bathroom cleaners. Spray like a little extra on the floor around the toilet to prevent odour.