Thoroughly clean

Thoroughly clean

Nature’s own cleaner

Pure Effect’s cleaning products are based on biotechnology and nature’s own microorganisms. They account for biodegradation in nature, making them uniquely tough on grease, odours and dirt, while kind to people and the environment. The active bacterial culture cleans deep into the pores of materials and in crevices that are otherwise difficult to access.

With Pure Effect you get rid of both the dirt and the odour-producing bacteria. Odour problems are taken care of at the source, instead of masking the smell with perfume. The technology has been used in the professional cleaning branch for 20 years. With Pure Effect, you can now get that same thorough deep clean even at home.


Hydrolysis dissolves fat

The dirt in our homes consists largely of fat. The microorganisms “cut up” the fat molecule (triglycerol) to glycerol and three free fatty acids, which means that the fat becomes water soluble and disappears with the scrub water. The process is called hydrolysis, and is the key to why biotechnology cleans so thoroughly.

Traditional cleaners instead encapsulate fat with chemicals, which then are dried and mopped around before it may go down the drain with the rinse water. These cleaners also will not reach the depth of the pores of materials as biotechnology does, nor will they continue remain on the surface when we’ve finished cleaning.