Pure Passion med Chris Koehn

Pure Passion with Chris Koehn

We had a chat with our inspiring friend Chris Koehn - the architect, marathon runner and musician from Mexico, who since 2007 celebrates his and his wifes honeymoon every year by running a marathon somewhere in the world. How cool is that? Get inspired!

Name: Chris Koehn
Mexico City
Nature, Running, Creating Music, Snowboard, Surf, Art, Food.
Work: my Design firm @goko_mx,music @chris_koehn.music
Current projects: Chapel Studio (Music Studio), Gelatería design, office & residential projects, new music EP coming out (Sympatheia 1st single released last week on digital platforms)

You’re a passionate long-distance runner! What made you "hook" and when did you start?

I ran my 1st marathon in 2007 (NY). Before that I used to run only as a warm up sport to play tennis or soccer. That year Nea my wife insisted I go for a run with her, after a couple of failed invitations I accepted. That day I ran my first 10k on a 2k loop, when finishing I felt great and told her I wanted to run a marathon and so we did. There were no run crews, apps or trainers as today, but still we trained our way and managed to finish. After crossing the NY finish line together I knew that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. So every year we do a honeymoon marathon trip to a different part of the world. So far I’ve run 17 marathons in different countries and haven’t repeated any location.

Your favorite places for running in Mexico? In the world?

Chapultepec inside the City is amazing, I also love going to some trail runs about an hour from home on the weekends, Nevado de Toluca, La Pila, or the Valley of the rabbit. Around the world I love running in Central Park NY, barefoot running on Acapulco beach, Paris, Copenhagen and probably the Reykjavik marathon was one of the places I enjoyed most running.

A special running moment so far? And among the waves?

A special running moment was probably my Boston marathon last year, which I decided to run virtually to celebrate and enjoy being by myself as an exercise from the pandemic lockdown. No cheers, no crowds, just this moment being by myself in full awareness. Another one, picking my 6 star medal after finishing the Tokyo marathon.

Among the waves was probably when I stood up on my first wave 2 years ago. Although waves can be tough sometimes, once you are up it’s an amazing experience. And the exercise to learn something new after your 40´s and get out of your comfort zone is also a really humbling exercise. The day I discovered surfing was also a relief not to miss so much snowboarding, which is probably my favorite experience and moment of the year. Everything's surrounded by nature is a recharging moment for me and my spirit.

Who would you like to bring to a campfire on the beach one evening, for an after-surf conversation and some beers? If that’s your preference ;)

Probably Leonard Cohen, although he wasn’t that into sports, he’s one of my favorite artists and influences on my music. He could sing some campfire acoustic songs though. I would change beers for a single malt from Islay, to get the saltiness from the sea into our evening. :)

What’s crucial for running outfits? Favorite fabrics or designs?

For me it’s to find a brand that fits your style. Satisfy Running for me it’s the one. All my running clothes are theirs. Very lightweight, breathable, and fabrics are amazing. Also their minimal design goes very well with me, and Brice is an incredibly creative person.

Any Pure Effect moments to share?

Indeed, I discovered Pure Effect through Brice. I was looking for something to reduce my footprint & wash less & take care of my clothes to make a better planet. One day I saw his story or post. Afterwards, the Pure Effect journey began, to get Pure Effect to Mexico and be the first customer here, it was a nice ride! Now I don’t see myself without it. I use it daily after exercising, whether it’s running or yoga – and for my favorite clothes. When traveling I always take my Pure Effect with me, for snowboarding and ski trips it works really great.

A personal favorite playlist for long-distance running?

Indeed, I made this playlist for Satisfy two years ago: "A music journey into the high"

Any dreams on your bucket list?

Lots ;) To make a better world through my music & architecture, to create more consciousness about our planet. To win a grammy with my music, to live a season on the mountains, being able to snowboard everyday during winter & trail running in Summer. To get to run a Marathon in every continent of the world. To leave a better world :)