2023: Nu reser vi lätt. Och njuter mer.

2023: Now we travel light. And enjoy ourselves more.

At a time when life is fast-paced and the news flow feels heavy, the idea of traveling light is appealing. A small bag with the essentials and a light, open mind. Nothing fancy, just small moments of enjoyment in simplicity. Skip stressful travel plans, lots of bags and messy logistics. Today, more than ever, we dream of unique experiences we will never forget, that make us knee-deep in the world. For me it can be the Swedish mountains, Paris, the forest where I live or the Iguazu Falls in South America. Only the packing and the mind are light. Maybe it's just about getting out there and letting the adventures come.

Traveling light could also be a bit about preparation, but even more about letting go of control, I think - grabbing the moments that pass by and enjoying the experiences along the way. Many travelers today seek genuine encounters and stay away from overcrowded tourist traps. With all the technology and social media, we can easily discover hidden gems and local hotspots. From eating at restaurants that are off the beaten path to sneaking into a local gig where we can easily connect with the soul of a destination. Isn't that just the best?

Another important part of traveling light is, of course, smart packing. Who wants to lug around bulky suitcases filled with unnecessary items? The art of minimalism has taken the travel world by storm. A 2023 traveler aims to pack light, taking only the essentials and enjoying the freedom that comes with it. Bring a Pure Effect mist to freshen garments, shoes and other non-washable items, as washing machines can be quite rare when traveling. (And besides, who wants to spend discovery time doing laundry?) Smart packing techniques, such as rolling clothes and using packing bags, make it easy to maximize space and organize with ease. And perhaps most importantly, the ease of packing not only lightens the physical weight of the bag but also frees the mind, allowing us to enjoy, just enjoy!

Of course, tech has also revolutionized the way we travel to new destinations. No more frantically fiddling with paper maps on street corners. With smartphones and navigation, we can easily explore new cities and countries. Directions, sights, restaurants and exciting places and all the exciting stories to boot. Language barriers are no longer a major obstacle either, with translation apps making it easier for us to mingle with the locals.

Traveling light is not just a trend; it's a mindset. Traveling with a slightly open mind. To dive into flavors, smells, cultures, get closer to people from all corners, try new bubbles to be in and to thread new memories for life, like pearls on a string. The experience is in the simple. So we pack all the curiosity, leave the worries behind and let the world show its wonders - on our next easy trip.

Text: Linda Rosendahl Nordin

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