Pure Passion med Linda Månsson

Pure Passion with Linda Månsson

Meet Linda Månsson - the horse lover and photographer from Åkersberga, who together with her daughters spends a large part of her life in the stables, training and competing in equestrian sports. Apart from that, she is also a biotech ambassador and shares our passion for sustainability with a focus on waste management and biotechnology.

Name: Linda Månsson, daughters Isabella and Lovisa
Starlight Norlund, Haflinger gelding 11 years.
Kulltorps Napoli (Nappe), Welsh pony gelding 10 years
Location: Åkersberga, Sweden
Passion: Horses and equestrian sports
Work: Business Delivery Coordinator, Bioteria (waste managment powered by biotechnology)
Current: We have had a quiet year, reloading and now training to compete in Working Equitation next year.

What is a typical good working week for you?

Most of it revolves around the horses, we are in the stable almost every day all year round, in rain and sunshine, holidays and weekdays. After work and school we meet in the stable and do the daily duties, train and spend time together with the horses. We are curious and have great variety in our training of the horses.

What characterizes really good clothes for this sport?

Comfort and function. Riding apparel, or equestrian clothing, are worn a lot. We basically live in them, and they need to be of really good quality because of the extensive wear and tear. The quality is also really important when you enjoy travelling light, each piece has to look good and last.

When did you become passionate about horses?

My interest in animals and horses sparked off really early. I remember my grandfather taking me to the stable at the age of four and taught me how to ride. From that point it has only risen and today I´m lucky to share my passion with my daughters.

The horses mean a lot to you, how?

They are more of a lifestyle than a hobby. It is wonderful to be outdoors in all weathers and think that is why we are rarely sick. For me it´s therapy to spend time with horses. They are great for both body and soul. Hard work, community and a great joy basically.

What do you dream about?

It is probably the dream of moving to that horse farm. Where we can live our life with the horses to the fullest.

Any Pure Effect moment you want to share?

In the summer of 2018, we drove a truck down to Austria to attend the Haflinger European Championship in Stald Paura. A week before we had to leave for Austria we lost our transport to the competitions, and when I finally found a truck, the only solution was to load the horses and drive the long way through Europe myself. Both exciting and scary at the same time! We had a few overnight stays in Germany, where we unloaded the horses in the middle of the night, only got a few hours of sleep and then continued the journey the next day. Once in Austria we had a fantastic experience, met with wonderful people and beautiful gold-colored horses. But the weather was hot – 30 degrees and no washing machine. I still remember us spraying our gear and clothes with Clothing & Shoe mist, laughing at “the refreshing shortcut” we took on the road and throughout the competition days. Super happy with the nice competition results, we drove back home through Europe.