Pure Passion med Marc-André Busque

Pure Passion with Marc André Busque

Say hi to our incredible friend Marc André Busque - the skier and snowboarder from Canada who, in addition to being an outdoor enthusiast, also is a dear Pure Effect ambassador. Marc also recently started a non-profit that helps businesses manage organic waste from their factories. A true role model so to speak!

Namn: Marc-André Busque
Montreal, QC, Canada
The outdoors, running in the mountains, baseball and philosophy
Market development for environmental start-ups
Currently doing: Learn to paint with acrylics. Recently started a non-profit with colleagues to help businesses manage the organic waste generated on their premises. (www.vertuo.org)

You’re a passionate skier, right? Tell us! when did you start, who introduced you and who do you prefer to ski with (or alone)?

I have always been passionate by winter sports for as long as I can remember. I have been a snowboarder for 15+ years before making the transition to skiing 4 years ago. The feeling you get riding the snow on skis is indescribable and having played hockey since I was a child helped me a lot finding balance and rhythm on skis. I love skiing with friends from all over the country, but my favorite partner is a dear friend that lives in Québec city and who really introduced me to backcountry skiing.

The best places and conditions for alpine skiing in Canada?

Everyone would tell you that the rockies in the West are one of the premium spots to ski worldwide and it's hard to argue with that statement. Personally, I fell in love with Revelstoke in British Columbia. The terrain is unique for the altitude (+-2700m), filled with trees and features (snow mushrooms, pristine bowls, amazing creeks, etc.) that you can only find in this part of the rockies. It is also one of the places in Canada where they have historically the most amount of snow every year (mean is 1278mm at Revelstoke and 1995mm in the subalpine zone)

Living in the East part of Canada where the mountains are smaller and usually more crowded, friends and I recently started alpine touring in order to find great lines and ride the powder in the province of Québec (where I live). This passion has really grown in the past months and we have experienced some incredible ski moments finding new trails, exploring mountains like never before and just enjoying the winter.

What makes a good outfit for skiing?

Layers layers layers. Always have extra layers that you can remove if you get too hot. Bring an adequate backpack to carry the essentials. The most important part for me are the SOCKS... Yes, the socks! Avoid blisters and frozen toes with a good pair of socks (merino wool). My feet get very sweaty when I do sports, so I always carry an extra pair with me as well as a good amount of baby powder to eliminate the humidity in my boots.

Where have you had your best moments in the slopes so far?

Every day on the slopes is a great day. Too hard to answer!

Any alpine dreams on your bucket list?

The Alps... For the ski, but also for the after ski. :)

Any Pure Effect moments in the cabin/traveling?

I always carry Pure Effect in my luggage/bag when I go out skiing. I love to travel only with a carry on luggage so that limits the amount of extra clothes I can bring. When I finish my day, I hang my clothes, jacket and bibs (snow pants) over the fire pit and spray Pure Effect on them to keep them fresh for the next day. I love the smell of a wood-fire mixed with the Nordic Oak perfume of PE. It works also with the boots and mitts. My gear doesn't stink anymore!