Pure Passion med Ulf Skarin

Pure Passion with Ulf Skarin

Freedom on four wheels and a seasonal life, it attracts many but few live their dream. Ulf Skarin celebrates three years in his van! In the summer, he runs Kåseberga Hide Out on Sweden's southern tip, in order to switch to vanlife in the fall and head out to the best skiing. Now, that´s what we call pure passion!


Name: Ulf Skarin ( @ulfscamper )
Löderup in Österlen and where the van is parked
Works with:
Runs Kåseberga Hide Out - a boutique hostel and vanlife outdoor store ( @kaseberga_hideout )
Passion: Adventure, preferably on top tours or other skiing
Current with: To park the van at home and open the summer season of Kåseberga Hide Out


You run Kåseberga Hide Out, tell us what it is?

It is my base camp and the starting point for turning my life into a constant adventure! The place itself is a large renovated barn from the end of the 19th century of about 450 square meters. I myself live full-time in my campervan, which is parked next to the barn during the summer season, which I have done for three years now.

On the ground floor is my vanlife outdoor store where I sell products from my favorite brands that I also use and test during my travels.

On the upper floor are four apartments for holiday accommodation and during the low season in Kåseberga I travel and travel all over Europe in my camper and ski, surf, ride a motorbike and hike!

Your winters look a little different, what do you do?

Then it's skiing that applies, above all alpine top touring. This year it was mainly Jämtland and Vestlandet in Norway, last season it was instead a few months in the Italian Dolomites.

What made you change careers and how did you end up in Kåseberga?

Oh, it's a personal journey that has been going on for many years! I'm basically a business journalist, but I was looking for a lifestyle and business that could be based entirely on my passions and interests. Everything I do today is about designing as exciting and creative a life as possible and at the same time creating a structure to make money from it.

You travel a lot between the Alps and the Swedish mountains. How are nature and the people you meet?

After traveling all over Europe with my campervan, I always come back to Scandinavia! It is my absolute favorite, the nature and environments are absolutely fantastic and also accessible in a completely unique way. In addition, here are all the activities that I love, such as skiing, surfing or hiking.

Which brand characterizes durable outdoor clothing, shoes and accessories for you?

Haha, come and visit my shop and you will only find sustainable products with high quality! For example brands like Houdini, Klättermusen, Pendleton, Snow Peak, Filson, Yeti, Stanley and Barebones to name a few of my favourites.

Life in a campervan - what demands does it place on the gadgets and us users when we live 'compact living'?

I never planned to live three years full time in 10 square meters on wheels! But once I started I couldn't stop, it's like living in a small luxury hut where you only have room for what is needed. Which in turn creates an enormous feeling of freedom and mobility, your world holds everything you need and you can always move it exactly where you want.

Do you have a Pure Effect moment to share, perhaps from life without a washing machine?

Like the only thing I'm missing in my rolling home is a washing machine! So I really like Textile Mist which keeps my clothes fresh without having to wash so often. When I also only have functional clothes and wool in my wardrobe, it becomes extra convenient!


Enjoy your summer, Ulf and thank you for joining us!