5 användningsområden för Clean Floor

5 ways to use Clean Floor

Clean Floors formula breaks down tougher organic dirt, especially grease, and works deep into the pores of the materials. It can't renovate a surface, but it is the most effective yet gentle way to remove tough dirt that we know of!

The bioactive ingredients also continue to work after cleaning, preventing dirt and odors. The dose size makes it easy to add to a bucket, or mix out with water in a spray bottle - dosage 1:200. Clean Floor is tough on dirt, but pH-neutral and gentle on all water-resistant materials. It will help your floors last for a long, long time. Prepare in a bucket or spray bottle, and wipe that dust away!

Aside from floors - here are 5 other ways you can use Clean Floor:

  • Wipe away dirt around windows, doors, outside and inside
  • Scrub porches and balconies clean
  • Freshen up your bike, moped or car
  • Spring clean your summer house, boat or caravan
  • Freshen up cushions, seats and other stained textile

More tips for a smooth cleaning

Bring several cleaning cloths, so you don't drag the dirt around in a single cloth. Apply and take a break before wiping/scrubbing off, i.e. let time do the work instead of the rubbing! Don't rub stains into textiles, just leave on and bathe the stain with dampened cloth. Brew some coffee and put on a good playlist to create an even more happy feel to it!

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