About Pure Effect

Pure Effect was launched in Sweden in 2015 - the first in the Nordic market to offer biotechnological cleaning products for the home. The products are based on an active bacterial culture that cleans deep down. Pure Effect's cleaning products are tough on grease, odor and dirt while being kind to people and the environment.

Why is it so hard to find decently produced products that are good for us? And what builds a sustainable society where we can live well on shared resources, not at the expense of each other and the earth? When we met in 2013, we were both thinking a lot about what the world looks like. Injustice, ill health and exploitation. Unsustainable. It shouldn't be so hard to have a sustainable lifestyle. After all, we just want to do more of what we love, long and healthy.

We believe in sustainable innovation, not going back to the horse and cart, to live in better balance with the ecosystem and each other. And we believe in the importance of good bacteria in our lives to make us feel good. There are technologies today that build on nature's own solution, such as biotechnology. If we care enough to make wiser choices, we can steer the future wherever we want. And we believe in aesthetics and emotion, in having things around us that mean something to us.

So Pure Effect was born. Today it's a range of clothing care and cleaning products based on biotechnology that we hope you'll love to use. Based an active bacterial culture that cleans deep into the smallest pores of materials. For a simple and sustainable probiotic lifestyle. We are very proud of that.

Please get in touch if you have any questions!

Linda Rosendahl Nordin
ceo & founder, Pure Effect
+46 70 378 43 55

Annie Rapp 
press contact, Mildh Press
+46 70 885 02 17

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