Hur rengör vi kakelfogar?

How do we clean tile joints?

Dirty tile joints in the shower or in the kitchen counter perhaps? Or tile joints that you can no longer see what color they actually were? This is often due to limescale deposits in the water that collect residue from shampoo, soap and the dirt we shower off. And in the kitchen, most things can splash up from cooking and creep into the porous grout. (Lime deposits in both the shower and the toilet bind up other dirt that turns it brown and dingy. And it can sit like rock.)

But Clean Bath solves this – effectively but kinder to your skin and the materials than most cleansers. Clean Bath relies on three parameters – the power of the product, the time, and the mechanical processing (how much you rub, kind of). If you're short on time, rub more or use a more more powerful product. If you don't have the energy to rub, or you want to avoid wearing down the material, you will have to increase the time and leave the product on a little longer.

Lime requires a more acidic pH to dissolve, and you may need to give it some working time and rubbing. Clean Bath has a pH of 3.5 (like a tomato roughly, pH-neutral products have about pH 7). Most other bathroom products have much lower pH levels that wear more on both the materials and your skin.

Roll up your sleeves and do this:

  1. Apply Clean Bath with a sponge or cleaning cloth (soak the joint with water beforehand).
  2. Leave on for a while, preferably an hour if the joints are light-colored and not in danger of fading. Remember that colored joints CAN fade if it sits too long. Try it out on a hidden area if you are unsure.
  3. Brush the joint with a brush (grout brush, potato brush, toothbrush, root brush or similar). This way you can get into the porous joint better than with a sponge!
  4. Rinse thoroughly with water and enjoy the comparison with the uncleaned joints :)

PS, remember that every cleaning is useful, repeat every now and then and the joints get cleaner every time. Good luck!


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