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Travel Light Guide: 9 Tips to Traveling Freedom

Packing light has always been a dream, standing there on the platform or airport with a bag on your shoulder - that's it - and the world is open. And over the years I think I'm starting to find some tricks. Sure it's a sport and we need practice - it takes effort and some discipline when packing, but the reward of FREEDOM hangs in the whole journey!

With less to lug around, you can more easily make your way through crowds, make last minute plans without worrying about what to do with your stuff, rush through baggage claim and spend less time looking for lost luggage. What a feeling! (Perhaps it makes even more sense to travel light now that many airlines are hassling with fees for bags or luggage that exceed certain dimensions and weight limits.) Here are our best tricks for more comfortable, free traveling.

1. Aim for only a carry-on bag - The smaller your bag is, the less you will be packing. Challenge yourself to start small and make it fit. Resist the urge to use a bag larger than needed or you’ll be tempted to fill it. (Then pack a lightweight, zippered collapsible bag. It can work for a beach tote, shopping bag or an extra bag to bring extra stuff home.)

2. Make a packing list, and stick to it
 (you can probably cut that list of wants in half). If you're not absolutely sure you'll need something, don’t take it. If you normally don’t wear it at home, you will probably not wear it just because you’re on a trip. Don't pack clothes “just in case” - you can typically buy, rent or find most things at your destination. Lay out all of your planned clothes and gear before you go and think carefully about each item. One of the biggest mistakes you may make when packing is to take out your suitcase, pack whatever you need, and then – realizing there is still some space left – pack more stuff that you probably don’t even need. Look for a packing list online - it will bring out a wealth of information that will definitely be useful. 

3. Pick neutral or monochrome colors, to mix and match.
 Black and darker colors look cleaner longer than light colors and tend to be more sophisticated when you go out to dinner. Add a splash of color to spice things up (like jewelry, belt, shoes, socks or a handbag) to get the matchy feel.

4. Layer you items.
 Pack versatile layers that you can put on or take off as weather and temperature conditions change. 

5. Plan on refreshing clothes
 and/or doing laundry. Unless you have the luxury of hotel laundry there will be need for a garment refresh, it is part of traveling light. The good news is that it doesn't require much effort. A Pure Effect Clothing & Shoe Mist extends the wear time of your clothes, shoes and gear. Just hang, mist and leave to dry. And plan B is to do some laundry. 

6. Bring no more than 2 pairs of shoes. Wear the bulkier pair, typically sneakers or boots. Pack the smaller pair. They must be flat and light. 

7. Wear the right fabrics. 
Merino wool is ideal because it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Linen is airy and cool. Treat clothes as an investment. Save up. Buy a small number of high-quality pieces. Don’t think about the total price, think about the cost per wear. Buy good stuff so you can buy less stuff. Blends can also be a great solution. Triblend t-shirts blend the best attributes of synthetics and cotton into a shirt that doesn’t wrinkle, doesn’t hold on to bad smells, and feels like a natural fiber.

8. Wear bulky and heavy items. 
Wear your hiking boots on your flight as that will make you save space in your bag. The same goes for a jacket. Airports and planes are usually so cold anyways that you won’t regret wearing them.

9. Be toiletry smart. 
Use solid toiletries, like schampoo bars, you won’t have to bother with the liquids allowance at the security checks. Furthermore, they won’t accidentally open and spill all over your suitcase. Or opt for travel size ones. 100 ml of shampoo will certainly last for a 3 weeks trip. If you are traveling with a friend you can split the list of toiletries you need to bring. 

Inspired to give it a try? Or to share you best travel light hacks? Get in touch, tag @pureeffectsweden and share in our socials! And remember to bring a mist to stay fresh on the go ;)

Bon voyage!

/Linda, Pure Effect

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Många bra tips! Jag brukar köpa tandkrämstabletter och tvåltabletter på Jordklok samt tvål hos Malin I Ratan som man både kan använda som hårschampo och ansiktstrengöring/duschtvål. Den funkar även som raktvål, hårstyling och tvättmedel för kläderna.

Anneli Sandberg

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