The No-Wash Gift Box – 395 SEK

Do you know someone who would rather do something else than laundry? Here, we have wrapped up two favorites that make life easier and gently extend the life of textiles and favorite garments. Use the spray to remove odors and stains, with the larger one for everyday use and the smaller one for travel.
Alla Clothing and shoe mist

Less washing, more misting

Freshen up your favorite garments and textiles within seconds, while fighting off dirt, and preventing unwanted odors.
Linda Nordin Rosendahl

Linda Rosendahl Nordin

"We believe in sustainable innovation, to live in better balance with the ecosystem and each other. And we believe in the importance of good bacteria in our lives to make us feel good. There are technologies today that take their cue from nature's own solution, such as biotechnology.

If we care enough to make wiser choices, we can steer the future wherever we want. And we believe in aesthetics and emotion, having things around us that mean something to us."

Founder, Pure Effect