Sustainability is not an option today, it is default for any company that´s in it for the long run. Pure Effect launches efficient cleaning for a simple and sustainable lifestyle, and we do it with concern for people and the environment. It breaks new ground for a cleaner world in many ways, but the most important contribution we make to a sustainable society is about biotechnology, bacteria and caring for materials we already have.

1. Make way for biotechnology – a sustainable technology

In the end sustainability is all about shared resources - the use of land and water. We cannot do business at the expense of people or the planet. And biotechnology is a truly resource efficient technology, based on renewable raw materials and with a lower impact on the climate compared to traditional technologies for cleaning.

“Products manufactured with the help of industrial biotechnology are usually produced from renewable raw materials, which means we do not have to use crude oil and other fossil fuels. Moreover, it is a natural consequence of the production method that the products are biodegradable and can therefore return to nature after use. In this way, we achieve sustainable production. The products are usually produced with less energy compared with traditional chemical production, which results in lower greenhouse gas emissions and thus reduced impact on the climate. (…) A way to protect natural resources as most raw material can be converted into valuable products instead of refuse and hazardous waste. A Sustainable Path to a Green Future”. – Greenchem at Lund University/MISTRA

2. Understanding our microbial universe

Another key mission for us is to increase the understanding of the vital role microorganisms play for our health and shared ecosystem. We need biological and microbial diversity, not mono systems. We put the light on the ongoing paradigm-shift, where attitudes to bacteria change, where we learn how to bring in the friendly bugs in our daily lives as a protective shield against the pathogens. It's pure logic. Together we learn more and connect to the invisible, microbial world we live in and how existing and future microbiological solutions play an important role in solving important global challenges such as water scarcity, hunger, climate change and antibiotic resistance. 

3. Less washing, more caring

Sustainability is also to consider circularity and the life cycle of stuff in our daily lives. We focus on less washing and caring for the materials of fashion and interior – to make them last longer. This is our ethos and always present in the development of Pure Effect’s product range, concepts and in the way we aim to inspire you to an easy and sustainable lifestyle.

More sustainable priorities 2014-2021:

  • PET plastic bottles made from re-used plastic – with a 70% lower carbon footprint than virgin plastic made from oil and gas.
  • Highly concentrated formulas, when possible, to reduce water transport and unnecessary carbon emissions. Together we can cut down on unnecessary water transport and its environmental impact.
  • Multi-purpose strategy. We resist the temptation to offer a wider products range than necessary. All Clean can be used on all surfaces in the home and replaces the multitude of chemical cleaning agents in your cupboard. Less is more.
  • FSC certified cardboard packaging from our partner Avisera, which means that they can verify that the wood used has been produced in a responsible way.
  • IFRA certified syntetic fragrances, based on the research showing an increased risk of allergies with fragrances based on essential oils. IFRA, or the International Fragrance Association, promotes the safe use and enjoyment of fragrances. The IFRA Standards are a set of rules and regulations for the use of fragrance materials.
  • Vegan and cruelty free products and ingredients.
  • Less waste strategy, i.e. no use of bubble wrap and unnecessary tissue around products. Tight packaging to avoid unnecessary big boxes in shipments.
  • Cooperation with Just Arrived in 2015 to help recent refugees and asylum seekers in Sweden to enter the labour market.
  • The jute bag which we developed for the initial launch of Pure Effect All Clean starter kit in 2015 was produced by a Fairtrade registered company (WFTO that employs about 5,000 people in Bangladesh, one of the world’s poorest countries. The manufacture of the bag helped give women in rural Bangladesh an extra income, respect and an independent life.
  • A first draft of a Pure Effect Code of Conduct ready in March 2022, as one way to ensure that our suppliers operate in accordance with internationally recognized standards on human rights, labour and the environment. Aiming for transparency and to improve the social and environmental standards together with our suppliers. When you ask you make a statement.

4. Ecolabelling

Pure Effect products don't have an ecolabel today. The reasons for this is that ecolabelling is quite expensive for a small company, and also that we have chosen the preservative agent Bromopol, which is not yet approved by The Nordic Swan. We chose Bromopol because it's a great match with the microbial life in our formulas. It only requires a fraction of preservative agent to stabilize the formulas compared to other agents, and minimizing synthetic chemicals is a priority for us.

We have been in close dialogue with The Nordic Swan since 2015 regarding the great planetary and human advantages of biotechnology. In 2019 they presented the first criteria for ecolabelling of professional biotech cleaning products. And we are happy if we in some way might have contributed to the understanding of the need of criteria, and the wider interest for biotechnology as sustainable technology. This is work in progress.

5. Sustainable – socially and environmentally

Sustainability is all about creating a sustainable and resilient society together. How we can live our lives without doing it at the expense of each other or our common planetary resources. We are not perfect by any means but we are are working with continuous improvements to ensure that Pure Effects products are as socially and environmentally sustainable as possible right now. And we challenge ourselves to go further. Every little improvement is as valuable as hundredth of a second for a sprinter. Always work in progress.