Keep your motorcycle gear fresh and odour-free with Pure Effect !

Pure Effects sprays keep your motorcycle gear fresh and odour-free using biotechnology - an active bacterial culture that biologically breaks down dirt and odours in textiles. The larger Textile Mist (500ml) covers larger areas and is handy to have on hand at home. The smaller Clothing & Shoe Mist (75 ml) is available in four fragrances and contains the same biotech formula, but its handy size makes it easy to pack and travel with.

  • Keep your motorcycle gear fresh and odour-free with Pure Effect.
  • Don't let dirt and sweat ruin your motorcycle gear - use the spray to keep it clean and odour-free.


Spray on the textile/lining/surface that smells and allow to dry. Remember to cover the entire surface to be freshened. Repeat if necessary, i.e. until the odour is gone. Treat motorcycle clothing and equipment when they are new, to create better conditions for keeping them fresh and odour-free for longer.

Can be used on all materials that can withstand moisture, including more sensitive wool and the like. Leather suits and gloves often have textile lining, which works great to spray on! (Keep in mind that leather and skin that gets wet can be affected and harden. But even your own sweat is moisture so use the spray to avoid odour).

  • Bikes, jackets, trousers - turn inside out and spray the lining.
  • Shoes, boots - spray inside the shoe
  • Helmet and gloves - spray inside
  • Back protector, chest plate - spray on textile surface
  • Works for other clothing and textiles too, not just your motorbike gear.
Instructor SMC - Johannes Bergh 54 years old

"I don't think I'm unique among motorcyclists. I buy nice leather gear, good helmets, gloves and shoes. I give the leather gear external care with leather conditioner, it becomes soft and nice. But still, it's almost as if I have to hunt down the rack after a day's ride. The inside is not fresh and I don't think I sweat much more than the average motorcyclist.

A year ago I found Pure Effects textile spray - biotechnology that "eats" the dirt and removes the odour. Now I spray everything, helmet, rack, boots, back, chest protector and gloves directly after a bandage. I notice a clear difference. It's much easier to hunt for the right place when it's time to get dressed. The stuff feels fresher and that smell, the mixture of wet, sour dog and leather gear is now at least mostly just leather gear.

If I get around the track faster? "Unfortunately, I haven't noticed any improvement, but in the pits people don't take so many detours around my pit tent anymore."


Sweat itself does not smell. But when the sweat meets the skin, which is and should always be covered by your own bacterial flora, bad odours are created. Especially in confined, hot and anaerobic conditions - which often affects motorbike equipment. That's because gram-negative bacteria break down dirt and organic residues, releasing esters and hydrogen sulphide that have a nasty odour.

By spraying Pure Effect on the surface, we coat it with Gram-positive bacteria, a common soil bacterium called Bacillus Subtilis. They also break down the dirt and odour, but do so WITHOUT releasing the stinky substances. This is how it works when we make a surface, garment or shoe odour-free. Just make sure you win the microbiological war on the surface!

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