8 skäl att välja bioteknik

8 reasons to choose biotechnology

Today, "clean" means more than just getting rid of dirt. More and more people are choosing environmentally friendly cleaning products, whether they remove dirt and grease or not, to use fewer traditional chemicals. Now there are next-generation cleaners, based on biotechnology, that clean deep into the smallest pores of materials. Grease, dirt and odor-producing bacteria are broken down by micro-organisms. We'll tell you more under the headings!


Microorganisms and bacteria are great little helpers for us humans, in fact they are vital for our well-being. A common misconception is that we should get rid of all bacteria - some products are even marketed as antibacterial, which means they have been treated with substances to kill or disable living organisms. Read more from the Chemicals Inspectorate about the problems with antibacterials.

Valuable micro-organisms

Our human body is made up of about 1.5 kilos of bacteria and other microorganisms, including in our intestinal system and on our skin, in an invisible but very valuable eco-balance.

They are all around us in our daily lives and we benefit from them in areas such as water purification, medicine production and in a plain breakfast plate of yoghurt. The good bacteria are important to cherish because a diverse and healthy bacterial flora helps us keep bad bacteria at bay. By avoiding chemicals and disinfectants that fight microorganisms, and instead choosing a cleaning method based on good bacteria, we choose to respect and cooperate with nature's ecosystem. Learn more about microorganisms and bacterial culture in Pure Effects products.

"Science is increasingly fascinated by the secret world of microorganisms. We humans carry an amazing ecosystem that keeps us alive and well. About two kilograms of our body weight is made up of bacteria and other microorganisms, invisible to the naked eye. But in our modern lifestyles, we have declared war on bacteria with things like hand sanitizer. So what do we do with the human ecosystem and what happens to our health? There is talk of a medical revolution and that it is the micro-organisms that will save us. Stomach bacteria can boost the immune system, parasites can help upset stomachs and myco-bacteria affect depression. " - From Vetenskapens värld, SVT February 2015. 


The heart of Pure Effects' All Clean concept (30 ml) is highly concentrated - the small bottle is enough for 6 months of all-purpose cleaning, based on mixing in a fresh one every two weeks. Mixing is as easy as mixing juice, just be careful not to overdose. 30 ml concentrate provides over 20 spray bottles of all-purpose clean, replacing the cocktail of all other cleaning products in your cleaning cupboard.

Our specially developed floor product Clean Floor is also highly concentrated and dosed 1:200. This means that 300 ml is enough for 12 buckets (of 5 litres) of mixed Clean Floor. Mopping the floor every two weeks is equivalent to cleaning the floor for about six months. 


We are proud that Pure Effects products are so gentle and user-friendly, with great consideration for people and the environment. With biotechnology, extreme pH levels are not required to clean properly, making the products gentle on both the skin and the materials they are used on.

The products are highly appreciated by people with chemical sensitivities, they are a gentle alternative for people with allergies. Pure Effects products do not contain any known allergens and we always base the development of new products on hypoallergenic ingredients. However, there is no guarantee that the products (like other products containing fragrances and/or surfactants) will not cause irritation or allergic reactions in hypersensitive individuals.

Cleaning with biotechnology has been used for more than 20 years in professional cleaning and is a popular option for both fragrance and chemical-sensitive people. The light fragrance of All Clean means that it doesn't smell perfumed after you've cleaned - it just smells clean and fresh.

"I started looking for more natural cleaners when my staff started having allergy problems. The first thing that happened was that it became clean where we clean. And after two weeks, the staff's problems disappeared." - Daniela's Cleaning & Home Service


One bottle for all surfaces

All Clean is the heart of our cleaning concept. Its unique formula is based on an active bacterial culture that effectively breaks down greasy dirt and odours deep in the pores of materials.

A small bottle of All Clean replaces both toilet cleaner, window cleaner and traditional all-purpose cleaners. It can be used on all water-resistant surfaces - toilets, windows, mirrors, stainless steel, ceramics, kitchen counters, stain removal on textiles and more. Particularly effective on sanitary surfaces, as it combats urine odour. Mix into a bottle and keep on hand at the sink. A product for the whole home simplifies both everyday and major cleaning.

For extra tough challenges, such as limescale that requires an acidic pH, All Clean can be supplemented with special Pure Effect products such as Clean Bath - ready-mixed for immediate use. And with our Swan-labelled cleaning cloths, cleaning is even easier. The microfiber is hygienic and effective in itself, so even less cleaning is needed. Remember to wash them at a low temperature - all to save energy and the environment, of course.

Clean as usual

Spray on All Clean and wipe the surface. For tougher stains, leave the formula on for a few minutes. Feel free to wipe glasses and mirrors with a dry cloth to avoid water streaks. Happy Cleaning!


Pure Effect leaves behind an active bacterial culture that continues to clean even after you've stopped cleaning. The microorganisms continue to break down dirt and odor-producing bacteria. How long they work depends on the surface - the more porous and dirty it is, the longer the bioactivity. The dirtier and more difficult a surface is to clean, the longer the residual activity. Your home will stay effectively cleaner for longer.

Because Pure Effect works deep into joints, floor crevices and material pores, the cleanliness lasts longer. The controlled bacterial flora can be compared to a fully booked restaurant where all tables are occupied - where we work with a good bacterial culture, bad and odor-producing bacteria have a hard time taking up space, keeping the surface cleaner for longer. It's pure logic. 


With Pure Effect All Clean, you do most of the cleaning with a single bottle. Even windows and mirrors. It replaces the cocktail of chemical cleaning products you might have in your cleaning cupboard today. A smart choice in every way.

Clean up, or get dirty?

A new chemical is developed every three seconds. In 10 years, the use of chemicals has more than doubled, and there is virtually no knowledge about most of them. When it comes to how different substances interact and affect us (the so-called cocktail effect), we know very little, but research points to worrying health effects.

Through the use of many traditional cleaning products, many chemicals are sprayed directly into our daily lives. We scrub, mop and spray with chemical substances, spreading particles of the agents around us. Children are most vulnerable to exposure to chemicals as they grow and develop. They like to play on the floor, put things in their mouths and eat and drink more than adults in relation to their body weight.

Switching to biotechnology is an option that greatly reduces the use of chemicals in our daily lives. It saves the sea, air, plants, animals - and you and your family, of course. So choose one eco-friendly cleaning product instead of ten others. Happy Cleaning!

Eight quick tips for less chemicals

  • Eat organic to avoid pesticides, for example.
  • Vacuum, dry and air. Dust collects harmful chemicals that precipitate from the things in our homes.
  • Shop organic and eco-labelled - especially food, cleaning, skincare and clothing. The skin is our largest organ, 60% of what we get on our skin goes straight into the body.
  • Get rid of the plastic. Don't heat food in plastic. Avoid plastic toys older than 2006 and soft and luminescent plastic.
  • Dare to ask in shops what the products contain when you shop.
  • Phase out gradually. Take the opportunity to make a better choice next time you shop.
  • Buy less rubbish and think second-hand. Fewer chemicals over the threshold.
  • Think about the 80/20 rule - focus on the 20% that make an 80% impact in your home.

Source: Swedish Society for Nature Conservation


Get rid of the cause of the problem

Odor is basically about two things - dirt and bacteria. With Pure Effect, you get rid of both the dirt and the odor-producing bacteria. Many odor removers on the market mask the bad smell with perfume. With biotechnology, you get rid of what's causing the problem instead.

Pure Effect All Clean is particularly effective against sanitary odors, such as in the toilet. This property is very helpful both for everyday cleaning and for odor problems after peeing accidents from children or pets. Using Pure Effect establishes a good bacterial flora that breaks down urine and faeces, while keeping other odor-producing bacteria at bay.

Pure Effect All Clean is used on all surfaces of the toilet - when cleaning the floor, as a replacement for other toilet cleaners in the toilet, on the mirrors and even spray a little extra on the floor around the toilet to counteract odors.


Nature's own cleaner

Pure Effects cleaning products are based on biotechnology and nature's own microorganisms. They account for the biodegradation in nature, making them uniquely tough on grease, odor and dirt, while being kind to people and the environment. The active bacterial culture cleans deep in the pores of materials and in crevices where it is otherwise difficult to reach.

With Pure Effect, you get rid of both the dirt and the odor-producing bacteria. Odor problems are dealt with at source instead of masking the smell with perfume. The technology has been used in professional cleaning for 20 years and with Pure Effect you can now clean for real at home.

Hydrolysis dissolves grease

The dirt in our homes is largely made up of fat. Micro-organisms 'cut' the fat molecule (triglycerol) into a glycerol and three free fatty acids, which means the fat becomes water soluble and disappears with the scrubbing water. This process is called hydrolysis and is the key to why biotechnology cleans for real.

Traditional cleaners instead encapsulate the grease with chemicals, which is then dried and mopped around before possibly going down the drain with the rinse water. These agents also don't reach deep into the pores of materials like biotechnology does, nor do they continue to work on the surface after we've finished cleaning.

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