Så tar du bort lukter med Pure Effect

This is how you remove odors with Pure Effect

So, here I am with a Pure Effect mist. How can I get rid of the smell from a shirt that I don't want to wash? Or from a shoe that can't be washed? Here's a short guide and a mindset to succeed. Our "life hacks for a lifetime".

We're offering a product, and a method, for odor removal that involves replacing or altering a bacteria flora that produces odor with one that doesn't.

Why does it smell

The problem with bad odors arises when organic material is broken down by gram-negative bacteria, which in their breakdown process (anaerobic) release foul-smelling substances (typical examples are hydrogen sulfide, esters, ammonia).

Pure Effects' solution is to apply a gram-positive bacterium tasked with taking over the breakdown process and displacing the odor-producing bacteria. To give our bacteria a good chance of success, we need to cover about 75% of the surface where the bad odor is present, where it originates from.

How easy or difficult is it to remove the smell

For instance: if your partner, or you;) has workout shoes sitting in the hallway emitting a smell, the amount of odor-producing bacteria could be greater or lesser depending on factors like how much material the shoes have, how long they've been worn, how damp they've been, etc. Bacteria thrive remarkably well in environments that are warm (between 25-40 degrees Celsius) and moist (around 50%). Additionally, consider bacteria's ability to form spores and 'hibernate' during cold and dry periods when there's little food.

Back to the shoes: You're about to win a microbiological battle; you're going to push away the odor-producing bacteria on, and most importantly, inside, your partner's shoes. The worse the smell, the harder you have to work:
- Take out the insoles, spray them.
- Spray inside the shoes, covering the entire interior.
- Spray the upper part of the shoes.

The same principle applies to your shirts or other clothes in your wardrobe: you need to target 75% of the surface where the smell is coming from. If it's the armpits that smell, spray there. If it's other parts of the garment that smell, focus there. And if the whole garment smells 'musty,' spray the entire garment. After spraying, hang it up and let it dry. Repeat the process until you're satisfied. There's plenty of material on Pure Effects' Instagram showing how garments and items are sprayed.

Small or big mist

The big mist, Textile Mist, is designed to reduce global washing, to use bacteria to remove odors and stains, thus avoiding unnecessary wear and tear from the washing machine. When we say it's 'designed for,' we're not referring to the contents because they're the same in both bottles. However, the big mist provides more product per spray and covers a larger area.

The small mist, Clothing & Shoe Mist - your travel buddy - isn't designed to reduce global washing but to be a problem solver on the go. It's for use during travels, in your gym bag, backpack, or handbag. It works on the go, fits in your pocket, for hiking, to pass through security. Use it when you feel a bit sweaty under your arms after lunch at the office, got a stain on your shirt during lunch, your shoes feel unfresh, and similar occasions. For example: someone forgot a banana in their backpack - what do you do? The answer is, if the banana residue can be removed manually, the small mist is excellent for spraying on the go. But if the banana has turned into a mush that stinks, the big mist is better to use when you get home.

We hope this helps you! No-wash is a mindset and requires you to find a new way of thinking about your textile items. And we're always available by phone when you're in the heat of battle. We can even take your partner's shoes and fix them, documenting how we did it - just reach out!

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