Ta hand om dina plagg - 3 steg för att få bort lukt och fläckar

Caring for your garments - 3 steps to remove odors and stains

It can be difficult to navigate between different ways to take care of your clothes. You finally find that perfect sweater at a reasonable price, only to find that two washes later it has lost its shape and become completely threadbare. Not to mention the other shirt you bought, which you spent more money on for a more durable material - but it doesn't even get washed. Jeans that are recommended to be washed as rarely as possible. What happens when you go about your daily life, perhaps running to the bus or rushing back and forth between meetings. You eat food and accidentally spill it. Life happens. Your favorite piece of clothing now has a small stain and smells like it does when you're living your life. We understand. But you don't have to throw away that delicate sweater and you don't have to wash those jeans you're so fond of. Screw laundry, we say. But how can you get rid of odors or stains without washing?

With Pure Effect, you can quickly freshen your clothes and remove odors and stains thanks to biotechnology. That way, you don't have to wash as often as you do and can get more use out of your clothes. But how do you actually do it?

Biotechnology may make it sound more complicated than it is. We use a bacterium called Bacillus Subtilis to break down dirt and odors. You can quickly freshen your clothes with these simple steps:

1. Hang the garment in a suitable place. If you can hang it outside, this is a good way to air it out and remove odors.

2.  Spray the garment with Pure Effect Textile Mist. Here you can choose between two different ones. The large bottle is perfect for everyday use in the home. The small bottle works well for those who are on the go, it can easily fit in your bag or why not in your pocket? An easy way to remove odors and stains while traveling. Make sure to cover 80% of the surface to freshen up from odor, and spray directly on the stain you want to remove. Dab a little with a dry cloth to get rid of food stains, for example.

3.Success! As soon as the garment has dried, you can use it again. (Actually, you can use it right away while it's still damp, but that might not be so nice.) Sometimes the process may need to be repeated a few times for more difficult stains. It's incredibly easy to remove odors and saves both your time and the environment.

    It doesn't stop there. Textile Mist doesn't just work on your clothes. You can also use it to remove odors or stains from your furniture. Why not freshen up your sofa? It is perfectly possible to remove red wine stains, for example.

    When you do want to wash your clothes, we have tips for that too. First of all, wash as rarely as possible and think twice before putting the garment in the laundry basket. Is it really dirty, or is misting it enough to remove odors or stains?

    Try to always wash full machines to save energy and water. We also recommend washing at low temperatures and using a detergent that is kind to both your clothes and the environment. Our Laundry Wash detergent works on all your garments and is effective at low temperatures. Perfect when you want a deep clean!

    Are you more curious about how biotechnology actually works? Click here.

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