Pure Passion med Annika Sundin

Pure Passion with Annika Sundin

Meet Annika Sundin - the woman who has been passionate about sustainability for more than a decade and runs the popular @medveten_i_stan  account on Instagram. It's a marathon and she's on fire - a role model who wants to inspire people around her to make more sustainable choices in their everyday lives. After scrolling through her account, we were so curious to know more about her, and had a chat!

Name: Annika Sundin
To make more people wake up and realize how important, fun, wonderful and urgent it is to switch to a sustainable life.
runs her own consulting company in change management and communication and the sustainable inspiration account @medveten_i_stan
Currently doing:
Educating every day through @medveten_i_stan

How do you live your passion?

As best as I can. I live by the motto good enough. We shouldn't be a few who are perfect, we should be many who do enough. Where as we should do nothing at all, what we need most right now is action!

What does a typical good working week look like for you?

In balance. I've chosen to run my own business so I can control my days as best I can. For example, I've been working part-time for 13 years now. In terms of the work itself, I want to feel like I've made an impact - whether it's that of a company or whether it's an individual taking steps towards a more sustainable world.

Tell us what makes it easy and fun for you to get up in the morning?

Working with other people with drive and interpersonal skills. If they share my passion for change, that's an added bonus!

When was the last time you felt satisfied, tell us!

When I got a new assignment - in the solar industry.

You've been involved in the sustainability movement for a long time now. What do you think has changed since you started?

I think more people still feel hope in the midst of everything. That's important! If we don't feel hope and have fun, it becomes difficult. "No fun - no change" I say.

Who are your role models?

Anyone who dares to break norms.

Who would you like to travel with through Europe, how and where would you go?

My family. Italy. This summer. By electric car or train!


Thanks for the chat Annika! Are you also curious about how you can find new ways to make conscious choices or contribute to a more sustainable way of living? Check out and follow Annika's account @medveten_i_stan right away!