Pure Passion med Elin Ohm

Pure Passion with Elin Ohm

We got to know Elin Ohm in her element, among the mountains. With her heart in outdoor life, nature and yoga, she runs Fjällanda together with Bea Viberg - retreats in the mountains with performance-free outdoor life, all seasons of the year. Hiking, kayaking or skiing towards the vast expanses of the mountains.

Name: Elin Ohm.
Location: just at the moment with the VAN in Málaga, usually living among the mountains in Åre.
Well-being and the relationship with nature, both the trees and the lungs
yoga teacher, wilderness guide and health educator
Current: Running Fjällanda, which offers retreats with yoga and performance-free outdoor life - This winter we are also inviting you to a retreat with a focus on entrepreneurship together with Astrid Wild and MYO, it will be something special. (Follow @Fjallanda in Instagram).

What does a typical good working week look like for you Elin?

Oh what a great question! Running retreats are my absolute favourite weeks! We usually say it's the reward of planning and all the administration. On the retreat we are out in the mountains with guests the majority of the time, the rest of the time we are sitting in front of a fire laughing or crying at all the aspects of life. How could a working week get any better than that?

You and Bea trained as adventure guides and started Fjällanda. What opportunities did you see and what is the idea behind your retreats?

That's right! We were sitting apart planning for our project work when one day we realised how much we had in common in terms of values and that we complemented each other incredibly well. Bea grew up with the forest as her best friend and had a great curiosity about yoga but no experience and I was a trained yoga teacher but for me the outdoors was completely new.

We both felt that the stress of the day, always trying to achieve more, also comes with the outdoors. We wanted to create a relaxed and performance-free space and remind people how amazing it is to just be outside.

What makes Fjällanda so meaningful to you, and what sets your outdoor concept apart from others?

The hospitality is what makes Fjällanda mean a lot to me. To see how our idea is received and often lands so incredibly well is great. To see the emotions that are awakened in our guests when they are outside, when they are present with themselves. It's bigger than anything else.

The tranquillity, I think, is what distinguishes us the most. It's an art of not wanting to create too intense a schedule for the guest because of course we want to give them an amazing experience but we feel that the breathing space is so incredibly important to that particular experience that we want to give.

Right now you're travelling through Europe. What is the best thing about travelling by camper van? And the most inconvenient?

The best part is being able to open the back doors in the morning and have nature right, right next to your bed. Taking a dip in the sea between meetings and getting to explore new places is also absolutely fantastic.

The downside of thing is washing up. I love to cook (and eat food...) but it feels like we're always doing the dishes. Doing dishes in a small sink is not easy, doing dishes with limited water is not easy. It gets a bit lumpy.

What are the hallmarks of good camping clothes and packing?

Layer upon layer is an important principle for adjusting heat because nature determines temperature. I'm very cold so it's always important for me to have enough layers to enjoy being in the outdoors. Comfortable clothing is also a high priority for me, clothes must not get chafed or restrict my movement.

Beyond that, I want to highlight the importance of safety thinking when packing. Both for trips in the mountains and on the road. A first aid kit that you have packed yourself based on scenarios that could happen to you will always be thankful for when bad luck strikes.

What place or moment has made a big impression on you so far on your trip? Why?

I turned 30 in the mountains of northern Spain, it was special in many ways. It was autumn colours but 25 degrees. We stood on a viewpoint overlooking the Rioja wine region and danced into my birthday, then hiked along a fabulous path past waterfall after waterfall before I got too hungry to take a dip. The waters were as cold as they were crystal clear and my whole body was jumping for joy when I came up.

Nature and travel mean a lot to you, how?

My relationship with nature has especially grown in the last five years. It was when I was studying to be a health educator that I reflected a lot on what contributes to our well-being and I began to realise how much nature provides. As I had very little connection with nature at the time, I decided to apply to the wilderness programme to learn more about the art of enjoying all that nature has to offer.

The word travel for me has many connotations. There are inner and outer journeys, physical and spiritual. I love both. Travel for me means to explore and evolve, to see new things whether it is in a place or in oneself.

Do you have a special Pure Effect moment to share?

Haha, now I'll have to name and shame my partner a bit here! He sweats a lot more than I do. When we're out with the VAN, it's often been difficult with what to do with his smelly workout clothes. Pure Effect has solved that problem. We can hardly believe our senses of smell when we spray his clothes and let them air out and realise that the sweat smell is completely gone, it's magical.

Something you dream of doing in the next two years?

So much that I sometimes get lost! I love dreaming. Above all, I long to inspire more people to create a closer relationship with the nature around them and within them. I also dream of writing a book together with Bea and Fjällanda.

Thanks for the chat Elin, we wish you all the best with everything you take on in the future!

Photo: Johan Nyström - JN Filmproduktion