Pure Passion med Mathilde Baekkevold

Pure Passion with Mathilde Baekkevold

We recently spoke to Mathilde Baekkevold - the woman who is passionate about a mix of different kinds of training (running, football, etc), but above all found her passion in the red-hot sport "padel". So much that she and a good friend have now initiated the initiative Torö Padel Club!

Name: Mathilde Baekkevold
Location: Stockholm
Passion: running, football, padel and tennis
Occupation: orthopaedist
Currently doing: Together with my friend Ebba Josephson I have started Torö Padel Club this spring. There we will start with 1 padel court (hopefully 2 in the long run) and a boule court. We hope that this will increase the community on the island through sports and health for all ages, and we have been longing so much for everything to be set!

Tell us about a good training and padel week for you?

I train about every other day. As my job is quite irregular, training can be too and increases during holidays. Running is something I've been doing for years and it's my outlet, I rarely run with music and love to just let my mind go. I run at least 2 times a week. I have taken up football a few years ago after a 20 year break and I play in a fantastic team called Lidingö Ladies. It's pure joy to go to the weekly trainings (often I manage one out of two) with lots of laughter and the games are the icing on the cake. Padel and tennis are in between, but require a bit more planning and booking. In a dream week I would also find time to do more strength training, which is needed for all my sports.

How did you start playing padel?

I have always loved sports, and started playing football only in the fourth grade, and played until the age of 20. I started because several girls in my class played. My brothers and sisters have always been into running, and I got into it myself when I was studying in Copenhagen. It was amazing to just lace up a pair of shoes and go for a run. You can do it anytime and it doesn't require any equipment (although I'm quite nerdy with my shoes and watch). This is how I like to discover cities we travel to. Padel and tennis are newer acquaintances, but when I played the most it was around 4-6 hours a week, and the more I played, the more hooked I became. Sometimes I regret not trying racket sports earlier in life, I've clearly missed out! The children's eldest cousin (Victor Forsberg) competes in padel, and is one of the best in Sweden in his year group. It's great to have sports that are easy to play with all different ages - younger, middle-aged and older!

What makes really good padel clothing and equipment?

Really good training clothes are comfortable, airy and you don't have to drag or adjust them them during the activity. They just are. And they should look good too! I have a few brands I return to often, but I like to try new stuff when I get the chance. When it comes to shoes, fit is everything. I try out my running shoes carefully, the comfort on the foot and the feel on the treadmill. I've also changed my running stride so I now have a more front cushioned shoe than before. Again, I've tried different brands and I always have 2 pairs of shoes running and change about once a year (then the older ones go to the country and last a few more years). One of my best purchases is my Flipbelt that you can carry everything in while running, and right now I'm playing with a really nice racket with good grip from RS. I like things that are good quality and last a long time!

Why does sport mean so much to you?

Energy and joy!

Your best sports memory?

Oh there are many, can't choose one. Running the marathon was an incredible kick both personally and for everything around (ran in Copenhagen). Or when the Swedish national football team won the 1994 World Cup bronze medal, my God what joy! We went to Gothenburg and welcomed several of the players home on Avenyn. Never forget it.

Do you have a special Pure Effect moment?

When my eldest son who plays in the DIF academy comes home from football training with his football boots, there is nothing better than spraying the Clothing Mist Green Leaves and Cucumber in them, the transformation is total!

What do you dream of?

To run the mile for 45 minutes and to stay injury free and keep training, and ofc a summer filled with padel!

Thanks for the chat, Mathilde, we wish you the best of luck going forward with all of your sports, and that Torö Padel Club will be a sucess!