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Clean Floor 300 ml

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Clean Floor gives you comfortable barefoot floors and effective cleaning in the smallest pores of flooring materials. Our unique formula is based on an active bacterial culture that breaks down grease, dirt and odor. Cleans deep down and stays active even after cleaning. For all water-resistant floor types; tiles, plastics, laminates, treated wood floors etc. 300 ml concentrate, gives 60 liters of mixed Clean Floor.


Clean Floor deep cleans in the crevices and pores of the floor's surface, effectively breaking down grease and organic dirt. The bioactive ingredients continue to work even after cleaning, preventing and removing bad odors. Clean Floor is gently pH-neutral and does not attack polish or wax. Use Clean Floor on all types of water-resistant floors; tiles, plastic, laminate, treated wood floors, etc.

NOTE! Remember to re-oil wood materials from time to time to keep them looking good. Clean Floor is pH-neutral and gentle, but feel free to re-oil if necessary. Avoid use on untreated wood floors.


In bucket (1:200): Mix 15 ml of concentrate in 3 liters of cold/warm water. 30 ml concentrate is mixed in 6 liters of cold/warm water. Clean Floor is highly concentrated and long-lasting. Both you and the environment benefit from diluting the product yourself, but be sure to use the correct dosage (1:200). 300 ml concentrate gives 60 liters of Clean Floor.

Keep in mind to

  • Shake the bottle gently before use.
  • Always re-stain untreated wooden floors if necessary. Clean Floor is pH-neutral and gentle, but breaks down grease.

For extra tough challenges, such as limescale that requires an acidic pH, feel free to supplement with the specific problem solver Clean Bath from Pure Effect.

Ingredients: 5-10% non-ionic surfactant, <5% amphoteric surfactant, preservative (phenoxyethanol), perfume. Also contains bacterial culture, active fermentation extracts and water.

Shelf life: Opened bottle has a shelf life of 2 years. Store like other cleaning products. Normal room temperature, not in direct sunlight.

Environmental information: The product is readily biodegradable. The packaging is made of recyclable plastic and is disposed of as hard plastic packaging.

Pure Effect is a new generation of garment care and cleaning products based on an active bacterial culture to remove dirt and odor. Always sustainable and effective products with care for you, your loved ones and our planet.