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All & Bath - Refill

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The All & Bath Refill is the perfect refill for those who already have an All Clean spray bottle from a starter kit. All Clean provides a complete all-round clean for all surfaces in the home. Clean Bath effectively cleans bathrooms and heavily soiled surfaces, adding extra shine and luster. Easy to use and easy to like.

Package includes:

All Clean Concentrate 30 ml – 6 months of all-round cleaning for the whole home. Unique formula based on an active bacterial culture that effectively breaks down grease, dirt and odor. A whole-home remedy simplifies both everyday life and major cleaning. 

Clean Bath 1000 ml – Cleaning cream for limescale removal and tougher dirt such as soap and shampoo deposits. Really clean joints and extra shine on stainless steel and shower glass walls. Gentle alternative to corrosive acids. 1 liter, ready to use.

Keep in mind that

Clean Bath is an acidic product (pH 3.5) and may have a bleaching effect if left on the surface before wiping. Therefore, limit its use on sensitive materials, such as marble and other porous stones that may stain. On these surfaces we recommend Pure Effect All Clean.

For extra tough dirt, such as grease and grime that requires rough cleaning - please supplement with our problem solver Clean Floor.


All Clean: Gently shake All Clean concentrate before use to mix the contents. Fill the spray bottle with water and drop in two (2) pipettes of All Clean concentrate. Mix into a new spray bottle every two weeks for best results. *6 months of all-round cleaning based on mixing a new spray bottle every two weeks.

Ingredients: 5-10% non-ionic surfactant, <5% amphoteric surfactant, phenoxyethanol, color, fragrance. Also contains bacterial culture, active fermentation extracts and water.

Clean Bath: ready-mixed for direct use. 1 liter.

Ingredients: <2% amphoteric surfactant, <2% non-ionic surfactant, active fermentation extracts, L-lactic acid, perfume and water.

Shelf life: Opened bottle has a shelf life of 2 years. Store like other cleaning products. Normal room temperature, not in direct sunlight.

Environmental information: The product is readily biodegradable. The packaging is made of recyclable plastic and is disposed of as hard plastic packaging.

Pure Effect is a new generation of garment care and cleaning products based on an active bacterial culture to remove dirt and odor. Always sustainable and effective products with care for you, your loved ones and our planet.